Friday, August 1, 2014

Adventures in Paradise

We've been so busy having fun in Hawaii that I haven't been able to get the pictures downloaded and blog posts written! Here are some highlights from our first couple of days!

We hung out at Grandma & Grandpa's the first day and went down the road to Laupahoehoe Point in the late afternoon to have a snack and a glass of wine. No need to leave Laupahoehoe to enjoy the beauty of Hawaii!  Grandpa has such beautiful gardens and the point is always stunningly gorgeous with the waves crashing against the rocks.

Grandma & Grandpa have nice grass!
Keeping her hat on for the moment
Grandma scored a fun toy for free at the local recycle tent
we like to play inside sometimes too
Always beautiful at the point!
Family pic at the point
Grandma swap
Great pic of Avery & Mama
Nice lips Grandpa!  Wanna kiss?!
Enjoying a snack at the point
apparently we took a lot of pics of Isaiah at the point!
a gorgeous Bird of Paradise from Grandpa's yard
fruit bounty from the yard

Then on Wednesday we took Grandma Stephen on an adventure to Hilo, stopping at Akaka Falls along the way. 

In Hilo we had lunch at Cafe Pesto. It was our first restaurant trip where the babies all sat in high chairs. The floor was a disaster by the time we left, but they did super and were all in good moods the entire time!

On the drive home the babies took a car nap and we drove the scenic route (as if the entire island isn't a scenic route!) and Denise got some great shots of Onomea Bay!

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