Monday, August 11, 2014

Turning 10 months in Hawaii

Needless to say we didn't have room to pack the frog and the rugby ball on our trip to Hawaii so we didn't take our standard photos on the second when they turned ten months old. So my mom made a cute little sign and we took pictures at the beach. (if only that could be our standard!!) 

Our little peanuts are enjoying everything about summer! (So are their mommies!) They love to be in the water, whether it's the ocean, the big pool, or the little pool in our yard.  They love going to the parks to swing, playing in the grass, and going on walks.  They definitely know each other now and seem to, for the most part, know each other's names.  They can be super sweet and love to give each other big huge open mouth kisses.  They also annoy the heck out of each other getting in their personal space, using them to climb up, and pulling hair and ears!  All three are now aware of what the others are doing and get super jealous.  They don't like it when someone else gets picked up before them and worst of all is when one of those other babies is getting to nurse and they aren't!  They will do whatever they can within their physical abilities to get in there and steal that boob!  They're all good at feeding themselves now, which makes meal times a lot calmer.  Though they've also started to discover this fascinating thing called gravity and enjoy dropping sippy cups from their high chairs.  Oh yeah, that's new too.  They can all drink out of sippy cups and are getting pretty consistent now with straws.  They love to eat food from the reusable pouches we bought and will fight over those too if they have to share.  They still like "itsy bitsy spider," but it has lost some it's charm and are more into "the wheels on the bus" and "clap, clap, clap your hands."  And they all like to rough house and be tipped upside down or tossed in the air.  Anyway, enough rambling, here are the pics...

our littlest peanut
Oh Avery!  She is quite the little character these days!  She has a goofy laugh that sounds a bit like a machine gun and she loves to laugh with us and to get our attention and gauge our reactions. She likes to be the center of attention and notices when you are watching her and rewards you with a huge grin.  She is a total ham and will cheeseball it up for the camera now.  She is crawling on hands and knees all over the place now and still pulling to stand and cruising on everything.  Avery is an escape artist, always trying to leave the bedroom or get to the dog water bowl, and thinks it's hilarious when we catch her. She REALLY wants to walk...scratch that...she really wants to RUN!  She LOVES it when you hold her hands and let her walk and she takes off at a good clip.  Problem is she is so short and it kills our backs to do it for too long. She's always on the go and can't be bothered to play with one thing for too long.  She wants to be wherever we are and will follow us around and really doesn't like it when anyone leaves the room.  Avery HATES the feeling when she's just about to fall asleep and will scream her head off just before she konks out.

Elle belle isn't much for smiling for the camera
Ellie belle is a sweetie.  She is still our best snuggler and she really likes to be held....which is great, except when it's not because we have two other babies!  She can whine like no other and has a wide variety of whines to suit her needs including her pathetic little lamb whine and her urgent little puppy dog whine.  Ellie is really into standing up, though she still struggles to pull herself to stand.  She likes to stand holding our hands and play "row row your boat" and practice standing by herself, which really turns into a game of her diving into us and laughing.  Ellie has also just started to figure out how to move forward in a fashion vaguely like crawling though she still prefers to roll.  She thinks it is really funny to knock down block towers that we build. She has a cute little giggle and still has her big gummy smile.  Ellie also has a mad/just about to break down laugh!  Ellie loves to eat and can practically put down an adult-sized portion when she's hungry!. She was a big fan of avocados in Hawaii!

ah! got one!

"have you seen this cool shovel Grandma brought?!"
Our little dude...dude seems like an appropriate nickname for him because, for the most part, he is a pretty chill guy.  He is the most content to just sit and play by himself or lay on the floor kicking and bouncing his little butt up and down.  He claps, though this is pretty random and not in imitation.  His "go to" move is to put a toy in his mouth and clap/bang on that toy. Isaiah has a hilarious crawl.  He gets up on all fours and then launches himself forward onto his tummy, swims his little arms & legs, and then repeats.  He's gotten pretty fast at it!  His chill demeanor is much appreciated especially at bedtime when he is most likely to be super sweet in contrast to his sisters' manic pre-bed state!  Isaiah is really good at staring contests and can look into your eyes long enough that you're sure he's seeing your soul.  He still has the best belly laugh and laughs at his goofy moms all the time.  We say things like "papaya & yogurt" in a goofy low voice and he will just laugh and laugh.  He's super ticklish and a quick tickle can sometimes snap him out of a grumpy mood. Isaiah, like Ellie, likes to eat and will just eat and eat anything you give him and is getting a cute little Buddha belly to show for it.

The challenges of group photos continue...

Avery, "He touched me!" Isaiah, " Why are you crying?" Ellie, " Now where we were supposed to be looking?
we did manage to get a few decent ones...


  1. Happy 10 month birthday!!! What a fun way to celebrate! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog: Safe travels!!!

  2. They are soooo cute. Such different personalities. And you Mommies are doing a terrific job!!!


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