Sunday, August 17, 2014

Big kisses!!

The babies have been so super cute about giving kisses lately! And we finally managed to get some pictures and a video of it!  After they nurse and listen to a couple of books then it's time to give kisses before going to bed. Right now I think giving kisses is their favorite part of the bedtime routine!

Sisterly love 

BIG kiss
you can see I am dying laughing!
 And best of all is this video of a particularly extended good night kiss fest featured in the picture above!

We're sure this expression of sibling love won't continue forever so we're trying to enjoy it while it lasts because it is sooooo darn sweet!  Sometimes they dis' their mamas for bedtime kisses and turn their heads away, but never each other!  And it's fun to see that they know each other's names because when we say "kiss for Avery" Ellie & Isaiah will look right at her and get ready for the kiss!

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  1. Avery is VERY into the bedtime kisses:) SO CUTE.


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