Monday, August 4, 2014

Sun, sea, & sand

We've managed two beach days so far during our trip. One to Hapuna with everyone and one to Beach 69 with just the grandmas.  For the most part the babies loved the beach.  The liked swimming in the ocean and playing in the sand.  Here are a zillion cute pics from those two days!
Avery watching the waves
Ellie enjoying the boogie board strap
Having fun in the sand 
eating Grandma's sunglasses
two girls on the boogie board
mmm...sand toys are yummy!
Don't you think this could be an advertisement
for Aveeno baby sunscreen?!
Ellie closely inspecting her sand covered hands
Avery's favorite activity....walking!
(having two adults helps save our backs!)
Isaiah wasn't always a happy camper
(the next day he was really sick so that might've
been the real issue rather than anything about the beach!)
 I had this grand vision of a picture with all three babies on the boogie board in the ocean.  I think this would've been possible if we'd tried it first thing in the morning before Isaiah got crabby and the waves picked up.  As it can see what we got below...

would've been cute except for the screaming boy in the middle!
Add in a grandma & take away the screaming boy & it turned
out pretty cute!  

Here are the pics from our day at Beach 69...

Ellie belle in the sand (notice that we switched the girl's rash
guards...just to make it harder for all of you, of course!)
this little boy loves his shovels!

swimming in the ocean!
big eyes!!
Their favorite game this day was swimming towards each other
to give big kisses!  You can see Avery's wide open kissing
mouth in this pic!
Ellie having fun with Mommy in the ocean!
splash splash splash Avery
photo op on some cool driftwood =)
Isaiah & Mama splashing around
more kissing game fun
Isaiah was soooo cute because he was belly
laughing each & every time!
three way "swim & kiss" game =)
playing at the beach is tiring!
(of course she only slept like this for about 15min!)
And this was the napping arrangement for the other two!
I got a good workout walking them up & down the beach for 45min

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