Sunday, October 12, 2014

Birthday Fun Continues!

The babies have been having fun with their birthday gifts over the past week.  We spread out the gift giving between their actual birthday on Thursday and the small party we had on Saturday with a couple of friends.  I wasn't sure if they would even care about opening gifts at all, and for the most part they didn't, but they each were interested at various times and enjoyed playing with (i.e. ripping up & trying to eat) the tissue paper wrapping!  Here are some pics of them enjoying their gifts, both opening and playing with them since as well as a few pics from the little party we had on Saturday!

Isaiah & Ellie exploring their new sports toy from Auntie Tracy
"wait up!  You're saying I get to keep ALL of these presents?!"
Ellie getting curious about Isaiah's gift

big kisses for the baby from Hope
Ellie having fun with wrapping paper
opening gifts from Grandma & Grandpa while on Facetime
(also a good butt shot of the froo-froo diaper covers for the smash cake!)
"the books are great & all, but this paper is the best!"

Auntie Jess got the babies a membership to Discovery Space museum.
We went to explore it on Friday afternoon
"hello!!  is this really a phone?! It looks nothing like your phone Mom!"

they all love their new giraffe from Grandma & Grandpa Stephen too
(note this stylish giraffe has a lovely headband that we use to pull them
since they're still a little short for it!)

We also gave them a ride on toy that was handed down to us.
The train is way too big, but has a great handle for pushing!

We kept their party on Saturday really small so we wouldn't be overwhelmed & just had a couple of friends & their kiddos over.  It was great and very laid back. 
Playing with friends & balloons at the birthday party
failed attempt to get a cute bday party shot surrounded by balloons =)
and another
Auntie Jess (& her snacks) were popular!
"Wait...this isn't cake!  You tryin' to pull a fast one on me Mom?!"
best toy at the party? the paper cups!
Ellie sharing her frosting with me
Avery sharing too
Ellie was so funny...she went for it & immediately picked
up her cupcake & shoved it in her mouth! 
Michelle promptly took their cupcakes away after they got a taste though because after the smash cake event on Thursday they were up all night, reminding us of the newborn days!  No more sugar for these babies for a while!!

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