Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The ups & downs of parenting triplets

I think that for the most part I've tried to paint a fairly realistic picture of what our journey has been like raising triplets thus far.  Though looking back briefly, I'm sure that I've slanted things towards the positive, sometimes glossing over or not really posting much about the hard times.  (I guess that fits with our general world view and our attempts to "roll with the punches" & try to enjoy this adventure.)  But over the past week I've managed to capture a few snippets of both the good times, where you get a glimpse of just how fun it is to be a MoM (mother of multiples), as well as the hard times.
sometimes it feels like there's just not enough mom to go around!
I will say, is much harder,and mostly impossible to capure the hard times on video because the hard times are often those when you feel like you don't have enough arms or can't be in multiple places at the same time.  And I know those feelings are not unique to being a triplet mom, but sometimes it is overwhelming, like when I'm in the middle of changing Avery and Ellie is about to stick her hand in the potty which is full of Avery's poop and Isaiah is whining/crying and climbing on top of me making it impossible to get Avery's diaper on & keep Ellie's hand out of the potty for the umpteenth time! It's times like that that we never get videos of because if there are extra hands on board they sure as heck better be grabbing Ellie before she's covered in poop rather than documenting the event!  Sure, we can sometimes capture the "herding cats" moments like trying to get all three of them out of the entry way and the catfood and dog water bowl, but poop is a different story!

Here's one quick clip I captured recently.  I was trying to get dinner ready and had all three pulling on my pants legs at one point and whining so I finally gave up on dinner prep hoping if I sat on the floor I could engage them in something. And this is what I got...
I did eventually just sit them all down while they carried on (after giving hugs all around) and dumped out a tray of ice cubes for them to play with, which eventually worked after a bit of coaxing and gave me the five minutes I needed to get dinner ready.

And because there really are lots of amazing and wonderful moments to offset the hard times I'll leave you with a couple of adorable videos I got at my cousin's house in Massachusetts.  The loved trying to look out his front window and thought the sheer curtains were pretty great.  It is so fun to see the interacting more and more every month.

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