Thursday, October 2, 2014

First Birthday Cake Smash!

Whew!  The babies are one!  We did it!  And although at some point I might have the time and energy to really reflect on the past year, tonight is not that time.  But I will say that the babies really seemed to enjoy their birthday.  They got some fun gifts and had fun playing.  We weren't sure we were going to jump on the cake smash bandwagon, but well, we have three adorable babies and figured we'd get some cute pictures so we jumped. =)  And I'm glad we did because they had fun with it and we did get some cute shots!
pre cake smashing
the cake
"Um, Mom...Am I really allowed to do this?"
"For real?!"
"Okay, if you say so..."
wouldn't have picked Avery to be the most delicate!
yum yum yum
"aren't I precious?"
little bow tie boy
Michelle made the girls' bows herself!
I'm not a big fan of bows, but these looked pretty cute =)
"wanna taste my frosting?"
pure joy
Ellie was hilarious...she kept sliding the cake forward & back
triple smash cake fun
Avery loved painting her legs
Ellie sharing with Hope =)
"Being one rocks!!"
Isaiah dug in first & had a blast, but was also done first!

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  1. We love these pictures! Just wish we had been there, too! Better than any photo shoot, I think!


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