Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fun with MA family

Despite the fact that we made the trip for a sad reason (to be with family for my uncle's funeral), the triplets obviously had no idea and managed to have a great time and spread a lot of joy amidst the sadness.  Here are a ton of great pictures from the trip:

We had breakfast on Thursday morning at Stella's coffee shop where my
 aunt works so she got to show off the babies to everyone.
Isaiah got put to work right away!
 Ellie really embraced her star status! =)
Ellie flying high with "uncle Adam"
Adam was an awesome host!  How great is it that he let our family of five stay at his house!
"Hey, Uncle Adam...what's this stuff on your face?!"
turkey basters & measuring cups are great toys right?!
One of my favorite memories of visiting family in Fitchburg when I was a kid was of adventures at Coggshall park so I wanted to make sure to go there on this trip.  Unfortunately Thursday it was pouring rain all day so Dad & I squeezed it in Friday before my uncle's funeral.  
my best attempt at a group selfie
selfie with Dad...of couse the babies were much more intersted in the geese!
Avery hanging out with Grandpa by the lake
check out those gorgeous New England fall colors!
They enjoyed the swings at the park.  We can still squeeze two into the infant
swings but that won't work for long!
"'more' swing Mommy!"
check out that smile!  You can just barely see
Ellie's goofy teeth...R bottom & right top one off from center =)
wild hair boy!
could she be any cuter?
After Uncle Ronnie's funeral we just hung out at Adam's & enjoyed the beautiful fall day...
me & my papa (we look nothing alike, right?!)
cousin shot
Isaiah cheesing it up in Tara's dress uniform hat!
Ellie & her new best bud "auntie Tara"
(she was more than a litte obsessed with Tara,
diving out of my arms to get to her!)
love this silly shot...just hangin' in Adam's backyard
"look Mama...a leaf!"
grandson & grandpa enjoying each other's company
a serious talk? =)
"Look Ma, no hands!" 
just chillin' with Auntie Mary with a bucket on my head...
Isaiah getting some good lovin' from Auntie Ann
Avery & Tara played with ice cubes for a solid 20 minutes =)
And because I am a little obsessed with how beautiful Coggshall park is, we went back in the late afternoon with Michelle (who was busy studying in the morning) and Tara. You've probably noticed the marked improvement in photo quality over the past week or so...we finally got a new camera after our old one bit the dust and I LOVE having a quality camera again!! 
gorgeous swans in the pond
beautiful fall leaves...if you zoom in you can really see how cool these leaves were
such a pretty spot!
an attempt at a group shot...reasonably successful =)
Ellie was really buying the "If you're happy & you know it" song & dance routine!
this table rock was fun to explore
Avery & Isaiah of course found the little puddle full of leaves
I LOVE my dad & Ellie in the background of this pic!
family photo
Grandpa & Isaiah trying to find a slide that actually worked...
this was the second atttempt & it was sooooo slow!
But Isaiah was happy to get another chance to swing!
Ellie getting some more special time with Tara...
trying to show her the ducks!
have I mentioned that I love this park?! How pretty is that?

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