Friday, November 21, 2014

A new appreciation

After the last couple of days I have a new appreciation for single parents.  Oy!  It's a lot of work.  We have been doing well and actually having a lot of fun together, but there are no down times.  Not that I feel like there is much down time in our regular day to day two mommy routines, but there is less now, that much I know.  The post bed-time clean up takes longer when I'm on my own and I have get bottles ready for nighttime wakeups since I can't nurse them both (ie Isaiah & Avery) twice each.  (Thankfully, they are drinking the milk from the freezer okay, which they wouldn't do a few months ago!) I also get less sleep and have to get up well before the babies to have bottles and breakfast ready to roll and myself reasonably ready for the day. And that is HARD for me to do because I just want to sleep as long as they'll let me!  Most days with both of us here we can do that because we can tag team the baby workload in the morning and sneak away to get ourselves ready, breakfast made, etc, but that's not happening when it's just me....well not if I want to avoid trying to get dressed with three babies either pulling up on my legs asking for "up" or disappearing in different directions looking for trouble.  So I have been dragging my weary self out of bed and all the extra work has been paying off because things have been running pretty smoothly in the morning.  Thankfully, Hope has been around for bedtime each night..  I think I could do it solo, but I am happy to have the extra set of hands and it means the babies were able to get a bath tonight.

morning milk
We've been keeping busy too, which helps us pass the time.  Yesterday we spent some time at the Y at the end of their toddler open gym and then went over to a friend's house for a post-nap play date and dinner.  It is so so so much easier to go to people's houses when they have already baby/toddler-proofed their house!  These friends have 17mo old twins and a three year old and have a "free-range home" like us, where kids can wander pretty freely without too many hazards to worry about, which is key when you have three toddlers all wanting to explore in different directions.  The kiddos loved playing with new toys and they loved exploring the toddler bed. (I told them not to get any big's going to be a LONG while before I'm ready for that!)  I loved the adult conversation and Heather made a delicious coconut curry for dinner to top off the night!
toddler beds are soooo cool!
What's three more?! =)
Today we had another playdate at the library with a family who has a kiddo about 6 weeks older than the trio as well as three older kids and that was fun too.  And the big kids helped me keep track of the trio who are getting more comfortable at the library and thus more prone to wander off exploring. We also had the triplets early intervention team meeting this afternoon.  I'm so thankful for another local MoM who brought us a quiche on Wednesday because that was a super easy and yummy dinner for us tonight! Tomorrow we're headed to the Discovery Space museum in town that their Auntie Jess got us a membership to and friends are coming over in the late afternoon for another play date.  Sunday will probably just be a chill day at home with a trip out for groceries and then Michelle will be home!
playing "row row" on the rocking chair
super sweet....Ellie was kind of obsessed with this chair today
they love this lock puzzle

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