Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween fun!

The Sunday before Halloween State College held a costume parade & contest.  We debated whether to do it because we think it's dumb that they do it on a Sunday night.  I mean, a.) do it on Saturday, and b.) if you want to do it on Sunday to avoid a conflict with football, aaaand the primary target is children, then for crying out loud hold the event in the afternoon not at 7pm!  But anyway...we decided to give it a shot and just do a late bedtime because we had such cute costumes for them.  They enjoyed watching all the other people and had a blast on the turf football field at the end of the parade!
Babies in their first parade!
Our little monsters under the bed

"I'd never dream of taking my hood off Mom!"

Family shot taken by another family with multiples
happy little monster!

monster love

"Can you believe we got 3rd place baby?!"

another happy little monster!

Mommy's little monster
He was having a blast crawling around on the turf field
This is a hilarious family photo!  The kiddos were definitely in character for this one! =)

a less "monster-y" shot
On Halloween we made another game day decision to keep them up late to join our friends trick-or-treating   This was probably a little less fun for them, but they still did well and got to show off their costumes again.  (Plus we got to see friends!) Here are a couple of pics from that...
the wagon train
love how Avery leaned back to get in this pic!
Ellie looks super cute in this one
happy baby!
Avery wanted to wear my glasses =)
this house went all out!
the crew


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