Thursday, November 27, 2014

Triplets First Thanksgiving Feast

It wasn't their first Thanksgiving and they didn't have adorable homemade turkey outfits like last year, but it was the babies' first turkey dinner!  We had a small little Thanksgiving with just the five of us this year, but we still made a pretty delicious feast.  It was really nice to all hang out together for the entire day, which happens pretty rarely because Michelle has so much school work to do.  But she took the day off and it was great to just be together.  Michelle and I enjoyed cooking together, again something we rarely do these days and used to do all the time.  All in all a great Thanksgiving spent with the three little ones we are oh so thankful for.

Avery decided a morning nap wasn't nearly as fun as helping Mama cook

Avery digging into her Thanksgiving feast
Ellie shoving it in too!  She downed the cranberry sauce first =)
Happy little turkey
Yum yum!

After our feast we decided to try a Thanksgiving family shot using the self timer...not too bad...
Well, Humphrey & I were ready for the first attempt =)
Oh kinda messed that one up buddy
serious babies & puppy
the best of the bunch  & good enough!
(despite cutting Humphrey off because he laid down)

 "Little Miss No Morning Nap" went down for the afternoon nap early and we had some silly playtime with Ellie & Isaiah before their nap

Ellie was loving her accessories!
She picked out the rainbow slipper socks & pink sun hat =)

Mama & Isaiah being silly

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