Thursday, November 27, 2014

First Day in the Snow

Yesterday we got our first real snow of the year and the babies were fascinated with watching the snow falling.  It was super cute and a nice perspective for me as I inwardly groaned that winter has finally arrived.

They kept going to the sliding door and pointing outside and didn't understand that we couldn't just head out as is.  I realized early in the day that we only had two pairs of mittens so I had to run out & grab another pair during their afternoon nap.  We were lucky enough to have a bunch of coats and snowpants handed down to us.  Though apparently, all our hand-me-down sources have girls! =)  We do have a coat for Isaiah, but no snowpants yet so we decided he could rock the purple plaid snow clothes.  I decided his often genderbending snowboarding Uncle Matt would approve. =)  You know how when you go out in the snow to play that you are tired by the time you even get outside after all the bundling? Well now imagine trying to wrestle three 13 month olds into snowpants, boots, coats, mittens on top of getting yourself dressed!  At first it was fun and exciting to try on the new clothes, but the novelty wore off pretty quickly and both Isaiah & Ellie were crying by the time we got outside!  It's hard for them to move in the snowsuits and they are "on the go" all the time now so I think that was frustrating.  It was funny to see their different reactions once we finally made it outside!

well, Avery likes the snow =)

And Isaiah does not! (or maybe he's just mad about the purple?!)
 And Ellie is falling over!

And now Ellie is happy

first sled ride...poor Isaiah is still not a happy camper

Mommy is getting a workout...this sled doesn't like to move

Ellie & Mama catching snowflakes on their tongues

And Isaiah's still mad despite the switch to the wagon

Avery enjoying her snow snack

the wagon was MUCH easier than the sled

finally a happy boy!

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