Friday, March 13, 2015

A pretty perfect Sunday in Seattle

Sunday in Seattle was another gorgeous sunny day packed with people we love!  We had a few friends drive up from Portland to join us at the Fremont Market and a lot of in town friends joined as well.  We had quite the crew wandering the market!  We grabbed some lunch from an Afghan and Indian food trucks and ate outside Theo.  We had lots of help to entertain and wrangle the babies when they were done eating!  
Marty & Scooter bringing two wanderers back to the group
Carrie & Ellie bonding
cute shot of Avery & Rose
Siche lifting Avery up to touch the tree!
Avery having a serious chat with Liz
Isaiah & I sharing a moment & some tickles
I can't remember, but I think the girls were jumping =)
After lunch we headed into Theo for some dessert!  If you don't already know about Theo Chocolate you should!  They are the first organic & fair trade chocolate company in the US and their chocolate is amazingly delicious!  If you are ever in Seattle you should take a factory tour and stop in for some samples!  The babies were all digging it, even the 85% dark chocolate bar was a hit!

a hesitant first taste...the hesitation didn't last long!
Ellie looks like she might chomp my fingers in her haste to get to the chocolate!
we were standing outside after this while we made plans & Avery
kept telling me "more more" and pointing back inside, so of course,
only because I truly love my daughter, she & I popped back in for just one more taste! =)

After Theo the one other place in Fremont I really wanted to go was Schilling's cidery where they have a ton of ciders on draft and do tastings.  Unfortunately, since they don't serve food, they don't allow minors in the building.  Kasha & Rose graciously volunteered to take the babies on a walk so the rest of us could go in and do a cider tasting.  They did a great job pretending to be triplet moms and said they just soaked up all the looks of adoration and amazement during the walk. =)  They took the babies to see the Fremont troll, a Seattle tourist destination. =)
Kasha & Rose heading out with all three babies!  
the troll!
We thoroughly enjoyed our little "baby break" and the cider tasting!  Michelle and I have been on quite a cider kick lately so it was fun to try so many different kinds!

Cider tasting in the sun
PT buddies!
enjoying a little kid free time!
It was such a gorgeous day and we were having such a nice time with friends that we didn't want to leave.  So instead we walked a few blocks to the new Fremont Brewing Company.  It was packed, but we managed to score the end of a table.  The free pretzels and apples, plus the toys and plethora of dogs kept the kiddos entertained!
nice spot near the water
great company!
Rose, Avery & Scooter
apparently Avery wanted a strawberry blondie photo only! ;)
yay for good friends & sunshine
(and fun water bottles to entertain the wee one!)
Chris & Isaiah were having a blast "falling" off the table
and of course, everywhere we go we are plane spotting
Avery practicing for her future rugby boatraces
All in all it was a pretty perfect Sunday in Seattle!!!

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  1. Don't forget to look back at this one again and again AND again when things are hard!

    I'm sorry I missed this beautiful day with you all!


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