Friday, March 20, 2015

Stuck in snowy PA & reminiscing about spring in Seattle!

Today is the first day of spring & this is what it looks like at our house today...

 So I decided that I needed to post some photos from Seattle to remind me of spring! Let's start with some beautiful blooming trees!

The kids LOVED being able to go outside all the time!
"really...we can just leave the door open?!"
Avery experimenting with sidewalk chalk
(yes, she also taste tested the chalk...)
We went to the great new playground at Seward Park twice while we were in it & so wish we still lived nearby!
what a brilliant idea to have the toddler slide end on the ground!
so simple & safe!
The kiddos loved it too!
Ellie liked helping Marty walk Bentley at the park
and the view from the park is tough to beat!
Love it when the "mountain is out!"
"no Mom!!! I will NOT just stand here for you to take my picture
with the mountain in the background!"
"okay, fine...but I'm not going to smile!" =)
(still love this shot!)
think this is my fav though!
The kiddos were pretty hungry & ready to head home for dinner,
but we managed one decent family shot!

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  1. I'm SO glad it was nice when you were here! We are back to rain!


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