Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas Festivities in Chicago

I'm finally getting caught up on the holiday happenings.  Here's a quick photo heavy recap of our time in Chicago.  We arrived late on Saturday, thanks to the first of many flight delays on our holiday journeys.  Thanks to that and the excitement of traveling the kiddos got off to a rough start when it comes to sleep.  They were basically a wreck at night until our second to last night and then it was time to head to Florida.  Sadly, but not unsurprisingly, the not-so-great sleep resulted in crabbier and whinier kiddos than normal.  Thankfully there were lots of extra hands to help entertain and soothe them.  Sunday morning a few of our friends from college came over, including Laura and her two month old twins.  Everyone enjoyed getting some baby time, but no one more than Avery. =)

"I wanna hold him BY MYSELF!"
 Then on Sunday after nap we loaded up the whole family and headed to Brookfield Zoo to catch the last night of zoo lights and take advantage of the zoo membership Denise bought this summer when we went.  Sadly despite being a pretty mild day, by evening it was windy and pretty cold.  We sought out refuge in some indoor exhibits though and it was fine.  And as far as the kiddos are concerned the whole night was worth it for the two carousel rides!

giving "frosty" a hug

watching the model train display

Waiting for the carousel, barely able to contain themselves

All smiles

"I ride the carousel AGAIN!!!"

Avery & Grandpa Stephen!  Caught Grandpa with a rare smile for the camera!

Ellie & her ostrich =)

Then we had a few pretty chill days to just enjoy hanging out with family.  Here are a few highlight pics...
Making rice krispie treat snowmen....
or just eating the "dough"...who can blame her?!
showing off the finished product!
They got a quick piano lesson from our friend Elise when she came to visit!
they LOVED her "sleepy spider, awake spider" game
and re-enacted it for days!
There were lots of laughs and shear triplet toddler silliness...
shirtless sassiness
Grandma's chair provided lots of entertainment because it spins and rocks!

The phone was a hot commodity too.

Silly Ellie!  Trying on her new suit to go to the pool at Tracy's gym
goofing off with Tracy
cracking up with Grandma
more sweet sass!  We were visiting the neighbors
and Avery thought it was HILARIOUS to put spreadable goat cheese on
a slice of cheese...cheese on cheese...funniest thing ever!

And of course everyone had to get in some good Grandma snuggles!

On Christmas Eve Eve we headed out to connect with Michelle's extended family for dinner.  I didn't get any pics, but the highlight for the kiddos was getting to see two horses! But here are some random cute pics of the kiddos from that night...

Isaiah, aka future heart throb

our perfect cheeser showing off her light necklace

laughing at Uncle Matt
diving off the coffee table onto the couch of course
 We celebrated Christmas with the Stephens a day early since we were flying out at 6am Christmas morning.  The kiddos opened their stockings from Santa before breakfast.

My best attempt at a cute posed xmas morning picture

that's a lot of gifts under the tree! Needless to say, it
didn't all fit in the suitcases

these little hat mitten combos from Jess were a big hit

"I want the pink piggie one!!"

They got Doc Mcstuffins memory game & Avery
was using the thermometer card to "check my fever"

Pink piggie & a new pink tutu!

little elephant

Before dinner we walked up the street a bit
to see the xmas decorations

This place is intense!  Even has a Santa
movie projected on the window!

lots to look at here

fly me Matt!

Realized I didn't have a pic in front of the tree.  Of course by then they
were all nakey and there was no talking them back into clothes!

All in all a very happy holiday in Chicago (minus the sleep issues)!  Before we knew it, it was time for us to all fly south to connect with the Therriens for the rest of the holidays! If only our travels had gone smoothly...more on that soon!