Tuesday, January 12, 2016

First Snow of the Year

Avery has been asking "When's the snow coming?!" for weeks.  She finally got her wish today! Here are some pics from our first outing with two year olds in the snow.  Hope had them outside when I got home in whatever snowgear she could find in the closet.  They really wanted to go sledding, but we don't have a good sled so we had to make do with the boogie board and some thin little sleds.  They didn't mind!

Isaiah was less sure about this sledding thing...

but then decided it was pretty fun!

future snowboarder?
 We went in for a warm up and then they decided they needed to go out again.  So this time I dug up all their snow gear!  Of course, Ellie was nakey when she put on her snowpants and then did not want to put on a shirt underneath.  I was not going to fight that battle.  Then she told me she didn't want a coat.  I figured that would last 30 seconds once we got outside, but she stuck by her plan for at least 5 minutes, only relenting when I pointed out that if she had a coat on she could climb over the fallen tree!
silly kids!

sooo ridiculous!

this kiddo was so happy to be playing in the snow!

pretending to ride on carousel horses

writing "E for Ellie" & "A for Avery" in the snow

 marching up the hill mid snow squall

"Mommy look! The moon!"

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