Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cousin Love!

This post is chock full of cousin pics.  Now that the triplets are older and talking so much, Abigail was WAY more interested in playing with them.  And for whatever reason Abigail and Ellie really hit it off!  And of course, this was the first time we all got to meet Kyria. And man, oh man, "baby Kyria" was a huge hit, especially with Avery, our super baby lover!  Here are some of the best pics and a couple videos!
so proud!
true love
holding on tight! "she's heavy!"
Abigail helping Isaiah learn how to fly the kite
watching a movie together so grown ups can eat in peace (in theory)

somebody got jealous that I was holding Kyria!

"I love baby Kyria"
"Avery, whatcha doing?"
"Giving her milk, her sad"
an attempt at a cousin photo...=)

BFFs in their paw patrol PJs
helping change Kyria

"Grandma, I hold Kyria?"
"aw, I gotcha big girl, I gotcha"
this shot could've been cute...
showing off shells

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