Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Winter Beach Fun in Florida

Today is our first real snow here in PA so it's been nice to scroll through all our beach pictures tonight!  I'm going to sum up our time in Florida with lots of pics by theme.  Here are the beach highlights!  You will notice that there are a LOT of pictures of Isaiah...that is because he was by far the biggest fan of the beach, though Avery wasn't far behind.  Ellie on the other hand, was less than enthusiastic about the beach, okay, it was more like pulling teeth.  Here you go...

happy boy on his first outing to the beach

a boy and his grandpa

they were a little wary of the waves at first so I was trying to be
REALLY enthusiastic! =)

that fear didn't last long!  "Grandma, run with me!"

Grandpa built a sand snowman!

Meet Sandy
 Isaiah just LOVED the waves.  He always wanted a hand held because he was still a little nervous, but he was soooo excited!  It was adorable.

"OH it's a BIG one!"

He just couldn't get enough
 I had fun playing with the camera on the beach too.
mama & Isaiah
this is my favorite of my artsy shots =)

It was great to get to meet our new little niece, Kyria on this trip too!  Don't worry, you'll get to see lots more pictures of her because the kiddos were obsessed with "Baby Kyria!"

fun little family shot of my sister Kate, Kyria, Abigail & Claude

This was still that first day.  He got soaked
and then decided to play in the sand!

so then this happened! 
 It was a little warmer the next day and we knew getting wet was an eventuality so we put their suits on ...

there were quite a few of these blue jellyfish that day
 As you left the beach there was a shower and that was one of Isaiah's favorite parts of the trip.  He could've played there for an hour I think...
just loved this pose...

"okay I spray YOU Mommy?!"
 Then we finally got a legitimately nice day.  Sunny and 70 in December...yes please!  As you can see, this helped Ellie get into the beach frame of mind...

love this pic!  If you only saw this and the one above you'd think
Ellie loved the beach! But the video below paints a different picture...

In reality she booked it out of there as soon
as possible most of the time!
waving goodbye to Avery & Isaiah
not the greatest family shot, but it was the best of the bunch!

Avery liked running in the waves too!
 And we had fun playing in the sand too...
Where are our legs?!

happy boy playing in the sand with Grandma
 There was a guy near us with a boogie board and Avery really wanted to try it so we asked to borrow it for a few minutes.  Then Isaiah had to try it too.  It was all going really well...and then the big wave came!

 These next few pics are from our last day in Florida.  It was a pretty chilly, windy day, but we couldn't not go to the beach one more time...

My happy flappy boy
(he was literally jumping and flapping his arms
in sheer excitement!)

one last change to run in and away from the waves

love this pic of the peanut!

We really need to figure out how to get these guys back to Hawaii sometime in the next year or so.  It was fun to have them at the beach...I'd just prefer to be in a suit and soaking up the sun myself too!

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