Sunday, January 19, 2014

Balding babies

Our babies are starting to resemble little old men, albeit cute little old men, because their hair is thinning so much on top!  It has happened so slowly over time that it's taken us a while to realize just how pronounced their receding hairlines have become. But on Friday, my first long day back to work, Michelle texted me a picture of Ellie and she looked practically bald on top! So I looked back at some old pictures and then the difference was more obvious.
first couple weeks

They all have a nice bald spot on the back if their heads too as you can see in these pictures! They turn their heads back and forth so much when laying on their backs that they've managed to rub all the hair off. 
Avery's bald spot 
Ellie's sticks out the most because of her dark hair

Isaiah's is less obvious, at least in this pic

Apparently when Michelle was a baby she rubbed off an entire strip of hair so she had the reverse of male pattern baldness with hair all over her head except in a strip from over one ear to the other. Michelle was also born with a head of dark hair and eventually lost it and ended up much blonder as a kiddo. Here are some pics of Michelle as a newborn. & older baby so you can see the difference: 
Newborn Michelle (who looks like Ellie in this pic)

Michelle's blonde hair

It will be interesting to see how long it takes our kiddos hair to change and if they'll all end up blonder than they are now.  I'll have to add some more pics of Michelle as a baby in another post so you can see how they compare to pics of our babies now.


  1. Hilarious:) I was also relatively bald until I was about 18 months old...and everything turned out okay.

  2. Love the pictures of Ellie and of Michelle. I may not always comment but I LOVE reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful pictures of your beautiful family!!


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