Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our three month olds in action

As promised here are some videos of some of the babies' new skills!  First up we have Ellie rolling belly to back. It wasn't easy to get this video because she was so fast. That's not to say she is always rolling this quickly, but when she's in the mood, good luck getting her to stay on her tummy!  She's getting speedy!

Next up is Isaiah chatting away with Michelle while hanging out in his favorite place, the changing table. I swear the changing table is Isaiah's Disneyworld right now! It is fun to just hang out and "chat" with all of them now. I love how expressive his whole face is!

And last but not least is miss Avery showing off her nice head/next strength doing a pull to sit on the changing table! Avery is the best at this exercise and she usually seems to enjoy it.  She is really getting this head control thing down! We call these baby sit ups and try to fit them into our daily routines, like doing at least one after each diaper change. 

All the smiles, cooing, and moving they are doing is really fun to see. As any parent knows a couple of good smiles and coos can make up for a lot of the hard stuff!  Like the other night after a rough night of sleep (or lack there of) when I told the babies that they owed their mommies a lot of "I love you & I'm sorry smiles!"  We've been taking a lot more videos so I'm trying to figure out more about YouTube and subscriptions and such. If any of you are YouTube aficionados and want to help me learn more about channels, subscriptions, & privacy settings that would be great!

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