Friday, January 31, 2014

I need an off switch

Ugh! We're all up for the second night feeding time and I feel like a zombie. After the last feeding ended, a mere hour and a half ago, I laid in bed not sleeping for way too long. I just kep thinking and thinking. I was thinking about ideas for blog posts, about my upcoming day, and giving each passing thought some conscious time rather than letting them pass on by, which is what I should've been doing. I know that I eventually fell asleep because I woke up dreaming about running a 5k, but it wasn't enough sleep. This is why I need an off switch for my brain!

I'm thrilled that the babies are getting one longer chunk of sleep these days, but I wish it wasn't from 8:30-2ish. Because after that first long chunk we're lucky if subsequent sleeps are three hours. (Tonight it was 2 hours & 10 minutes.) Michelle and I just need to go to sleep earlier so we get to appreciate that long sleep more, but it's hard. Tonight we were in bed, lights out by 9:39/9:45, but that means we missed an hour of baby sleeping time. And while the little man, AKA our clock, slept just over two hours this last cycle, his moms only get to sneak in an hour and a half because when he's done eating, one of his sisters still needs to eat & we still pump after that feeding. :(

This week, as we continue trying to figure out how I can work more and Michelle can find enough time for schoolwork, we've experimented with getting up for the day after this feeding (sometime between 5 & 6 a.m.).  On the days when we manage this feat and don't crawl back under the covers, Michelle gets a nice quiet hour plus to do homework and I usually make breakfast, get coffee brewing & get myself ready for work.  But making that choice, especially on days (nights) like this, feels impossible sometimes...

Wednesday's breakfast-Brussels sprouts & pancetta hash with an over easy egg & grapefruit. Somehow this kind of fancy breakfast made the tough choice to get up seem much better.  But still doesn't make getting out of bed easy!

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  1. If you find yourself with racing thoughts when you'd like to be sleeping, one trick I use is to simply start counting (silently). It's like a mental reset button and gets your mind off the racing thought track it was on. Your breakfast looks great. I like to make hashes for dinner. They're tasty plus you can use up whatever is on hand.


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