Friday, January 10, 2014

Cloth diapering update

We've changed a few things about our cloth diaper routine so I thought I'd post a quick update for anyone who might be interested. The babies seriously outgrew the preemie sized prefolds over Christmas. It was not only getting more difficult to get them on, but they were also overloading the little diapers with pee and we were having a lot more leaks, resulting in a lot more laundry. So when we got home we switched to the next size up, some Osocozy "better fit" prefolds. Woweewow did they seem a lot bigger! It was virtually impossible to get them all tucked into our newborn Bummis covers so those got packed up along with the preemie prefolds to eventually try to resell.  The new diapers fit okay in the Rumparooz covers but we did have to loosen the rise snaps (that control how high the diaper goes in their bellies).
not that different in width/length
But a LOT thicker & therefore more absorbent!

We have started using Flip covers that we got as shower gifts and from a SLU classmate of mine and we love them! They're definitely bigger and we snap them on the tightest snaps, but we really like the fit for our skinny babies and have had virtually no leaks. The bigger size of diapers is notably more absorbent too which helps a lot, though it does give the babies much bigger looking bums!  The only downside to the FLIPS that we've found so far is that the are all pastel colors, which I find to be notably less fun than the bright colored Rumparoos and patterned Bummis. :)
Isaiah kindly modeling the FLIP =)

We've also been experimenting with some fuzzibunz pocket diapers we got as hand me downs, but they're still a bit big (despite claiming to be one size fits all!) and we've had a few leakage issues with them. On the plus side, as we expected, the fuzzibunz are SUPER easy and will be a nice option if we have less familiar helpers around because there doesn't seem like there is a learning curve with these compared to the prefolds with snappis. We kind of had to add the fuzzibunz into the rotation because now that the babies have switched from small poops after every feeding to one or two big poops a day we have more pooplosions where it gets on the cover and that has to be tossed in the laundry with the prefold. So we're going through covers faster now than we used to! Fortunately, the covers have been doing their job and we've only had a couple of pooptastrophes so far! (my new word for when the cover can't contain it all...thanks Katie for sharing that word!)

We are also very excited to have found an overnight diaper solution, at least for now, which means no more middle of the night diaper changes! This is a big deal because the babies are like triple swaddled at night so doing a diaper change was always a big ordeal that woke then up way too much!  We're using a prefold with one of the pocket diaper inserts and a fleece liner for nighttime. The fleece liner helps wick away the moisture so the babies don't feel wet.  We've been doing this for a couple weeks now and so far so good.

As a side note, we also tried a couple of small g-diapers and one cocolo bum we had and were not big fans of either design for our babies. :( So those got packed away with the preemie diapers for someone else to try. Speaking of preemie diapers for someone else... In the first two weeks with the babies, before making the move to cloth diapers, we realized just how many disposable diapers we were going through each day and made a panicked Amazon prime order of twelve packs of 20 preemie sized Pampers Swaddlers. Of course, right after that giant box of diapers arrived we tried and fell in love with cloth diapers. So here we sit with this stash of disposable preemie diapers, past their Amazon return date because we have no time for silly things like printing labels and going to the post office.  So if you, our loyal blog readers, happen to know someone who has a preemie and could use these diapers please email me maritherrien<at>gmail. 

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  1. Good for you guys for going with the cloth! I'm currently pregnant with twins (31 weeks tomorrow), and we're planning on it. In fact, we have those same Osocozy prefolds washed (8 million times for better absorbency, right?) and waiting in the nursery. When started talking about wanting to cloth diaper these two, reactions were along the lines of "good luck with that!"s and "we'll see how long that lasts." But I'm sure we can do it. People who cloth diaper LOVE cloth diapers. And the cost of disposables for multiples is RIDICULOUS.


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