Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy 3 month birthday babies!!!

Our babies are getting bigger!  Hard to believe they're three months old already.  Of course, they're only about 7 weeks adjusted, but they're doing very well developmentally I think.  Let's see, what's new this month??  Oh, well Ellie rolled over from her belly for the first time just this week.  And she's a big fan of this new skill and rolled over three times in her crib today when she didn't feel like napping!  Isaiah is rolling over more consistently too, though Ellie might be passing him up with rolling frequency.  Avery doesn't seem to give a rip about rolling.  She pushes up nicely on her elbows, but hasn't shown much interest in rolling, though she did shift her weight a bit today.  Avery is still our biggest smiler, though Ellie gives her a run for her money sometimes.  Isaiah's smiles are more random still and harder to elicit, but are usually these little coy smiles when they come.  They have all started cooing more, which is super cute.  We hear a lot of "ga" and "goo" sounds now along with the vowel only sounds.  Isaiah makes a lot of adorable squealing noises too.  I'll try to capture some of videos of our little chatty babies and some tummy time videos to post soon!  For now, here are the three month photos.  They are all bigger than the froggy now!  As always the group shots are the hardest, especially now that they are moving more!  I had this big plan to capture a shot of them all pushing up on their elbows when on their tummies, but they weren't the least bit cooperative with that idea!  They either just laid there relaxing or they were trying to roll over on top of each other!  So no luck with that shot....

Big guy
Even Avery is longer than the frog now!

And a collection of group shots
"woah!" Not really sure what surprised them all so much!
The best of the "action shots" though many of the pics
were blurry from all the movin' & groovin'
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