Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A few pics from the past couple weeks

Here are some cute pics from the last couple of weeks...
Auntie Jess came for her fourth visit since the triplets arrived. 
It's getting harder to hold all three!
Auntie Jess & Avery having a chat 
before bed

Jess and her girls

Me chillin with my crew
And the sharing (or fighting over) toys 

Ellie looking cute before a walk

Sweetest little guy snoozin' on the boob

Don't I look handsome in my plaid shirt and 

Ellie showing off her awesome huge 
gummy smile

Avery muggin' for the camera

We all LOVE these balls...we just wish we could 
get them in our mouths!

Thanks Auntie Carrie for the adorable 
"cutest baby" onesies!
looks like Avery is going to be able to 
curl her tongue!

Big smiles from E & I while A practices her 
Two of three are amused by Mama 
but Ellie looks unsure

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