Sunday, March 23, 2014

Water babies

We took the babies to the pool this weekend for the first time.  Our new friends and their seven month old daughter joined us so we could have a 1:1 adult to baby ratio, which was super and definitely made things easier!  The babies all LOVED the water!  We got lots of big smiles from everyone and heard lots of talking.  Avery particularly like being lifted high in the sky and then splashing down in the water and didn't really seem to mind when her face got splashed.  Ellie seemed to like it when I laid back in the water a bit so she could prop on her elbows on my chest.  And Isaiah was the king of floating on his back!  He just loved it and seemed so relaxed with his head fully back so both his ears were in the water.  They all got a mouthful or two of water at various points, most often of their own doing, though occasionally it was definitely our fault!  We passed the babies around a lot so we would get one on one time with each of them.  

We picked up cute suits for the girls for a couple bucks from a consignment sale this week, which was great timing.  We didn't have a suit for Isaiah, but Michelle's mom had picked up a 12mo suit for later in the summer and we decided to just try it.  It was WAY too big for him, but it stayed on well enough.  We'll have to check the local kids resale store to see if we can find a smaller one for him.  I thought we had other suits, but couldn't find them this morning in a quick search.
all our little water babies

No one was a big fan of the after-pool process of rinsing off in the shower, getting lubed up with coconut oil, and changing out of wet suits and into dry clothes, but they survived.  And really, the crying was fairly minimal considering how chilly that whole process is for everyone, including the adults!  It was sooooo helpful to have Deirdre there to help!  I think we could do it by ourselves but there would definitely be more crying!  Once everyone was dressed we fed them in the lobby and all three fell asleep.  

We decided to take advantage of three sleepy babies to get groceries so Michelle drove laps around the Trader Joes parking lot while I shopped. Then I lapped the Giant lot while she popped in for the last few things on our list.  All three were still sleeping when we got home and actually stayed asleep in their car seats in the house for a while. The girls each slept for an hour and a half and Isaiah napped for two hours! If we can get super long naps like that every time we'll be swimming a lot more often!! :)
Here's a quick video Deirdre took for us of everyone in the pool.

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