Monday, March 10, 2014

Earning my mommy badges

I think the fact that, as of yesterday, I can tell you that regurgitated breastmilk is surprisingly sweet means I have indeed earned a new mommy badge. It may not be a coveted mommy badge, but certainly one I'll remember! Yesterday afternoon we were getting the kiddos ready to go for a walk to enjoy the sunshine and glimpse of spring. Two out of three were fed and I was taking Isaiah back for a diaper change. He was a little fussy so I picked him up overhead which usually makes him smile but about halfway up I discovered why he was fussing! A fountain of spit up flew out of his mouth and directly into my open smiling mouth! Ewww! I'm amazed I didn't drop him out of pure shock! What I did do is start laughing really hard and for those who know me well, me laughing hard with a full bladder is, well, a recipe for disaster! In less than a minute I'd gotten spit up in my mouth and peed my pants (a teeny bit)!  Pretty impressive I'd say!  

I think the "puke in the mouth" badge is probably up there with the "pee in the face" badge. Which I thankfully have yet to earn!  Michelle and both have our "catch puke on your hand" and "get peed and pooped on in the same day" badges already. I'm a pretty competitive person, but It doesn't extend to this area of my life! One mommy badge I hope never to earn that not one, but two, of our friends have posted about recently is the "puking while breastfeeding" badge!  I'd also love to skip the "breastfeeding through mastitis" badge that my sister and other friends have endured.  What other mommy badges have you earned that you could've done without?! Any funny stories you care to share?!

       "Uh, sorry about that Mommy!"


  1. Way to go, Mommy Mari!!! I remember Johnny (Cara's Dad) taking his first shower...after he puked all over John. They both took one! Can't say I ever go the puke in the mouth badge but the pee in the face was one of the first. Love all your pictures and your motor skills updates. Please keep sharing your beautiful family with us.

  2. Well sheesh I didn't know there were badges! Lucy helped me earn the "caught poop in my hand" badge the first week she was in the world!


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