Monday, March 3, 2014

Five months old already!!!

Yesterday was the babies' five month birthday! It's funny because they're so big and doing so much more, but they're still so small. Our friends Maria and Craig came over yesterday with their toddler and almost two month old baby. And their little guy already weighs more than our babies (granted he was over 9lbs at birth)!  But he feels so different because he's still a squishy newborn.  All the babies have pretty good head and trunk control and are really grabbing toys and bringing them to their mouths, often with two hands. Everyone is smiling and laughing. The best bet for getting a laugh is movement and singing.

Ellie continues to be a chatty little lady though she prefers to talk to herself more than to us. She's quick to give big gummy smiles and her big eyes just light up when she sees us.  Ellie is rolling to her side from her back and pushes up really high on her tummy. 

Oh my!  I'm really 5 months old?!

Isaiah is still the big guy around here though his sisters have been catching up. He's quite the wiggle worm now rolling to his side and grabbing his knees. He wants his feet but hasn't quite figured that out yet. He kicks his legs a lot when he is excited and it kind of looks like he is doing an Irish jig.  Isaiah doesn't "talk" as much as the girls but he's a mover and shaker.

Avery found her voice in the last week or so and for now it's the voice of an old woman who's been camped out in a bar! :) She has this adorably gravelly little voice and she's been "talking" up a storm.  Sometimes, when she's really happy she makes noise while inhaling, which makes it sound a bit like she's choking but it's very intentional.  Avery is the most interested in her siblings and loves to watch them play. Avery's still driving me crazy with her inconsistent rolling despite LOTS of practice but she's a rockstar in the bumbo. And as you can see she was being quite the little ham during the photo shoot.

Here's an assortment of group shots where I think you can see how close they all are in size now.

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  1. Fun pictures! Love the one of Avery smiling and winking!


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