Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Some well-deserved ME time!

Woohoo!  I'm feeling so accomplished tonight!  I just successfully did bedtime all by myself! Michelle has class on Wednesday nights and usually Hope is here to help me, but she just got back from spring break and the rugby team just started outdoor practices and I completely forgot to check in to make sure she would be here to help tonight.  When I realized I was on my own for the last two feedings of the day and bedtime routine I decided that, rather than panic (which was my first thought), I would embrace it and have an over the top positive attitude to see if it would rub off on the babies. =)  Whether it was my positive attitude or sheer luck I'm happy to report that this evening was a rousing success!

I got all three babies changed and into their giant overnight diapers and got them all their zantac and vitamin D.  While I changed each baby the other two played contentedly in the play gym in their bedroom, probably because of the chipper little ditty that I made up on the spot and sang the whole time. =)  My little ditty went something like this "We'll all have a happy bedtime, we'll all have a happy bedtime, we'll all have a happy bedtime for Mommy tonight!" They must have been paying close attention to the lyrics because bedtime the past few nights has been tough and they rocked it tonight.  No one even cried when I swaddled them. (Okay, Avery cried a little after being swaddled before she got her bottle, but nothing major!)
My set up.  When not taking this selfie I used my
right hand to hold the bottle and left to support Ellie's head

Some bedtime sibling love
Everyone ate well with minimal fussing and everyone was pretty content when they were finished.  Then I read everyone two books and Ellie nodded off during the first book.  And I put them to bed one by one singing our goodnight song and everyone went down by 6:45 with no more than a single peep.  It was AMAZING!!
(Clearly Ellie is enthralled!)
So I decided that I should celebrate my successful solo bedtime with a little me time.  I didn't feel like leftovers so I whipped up a quick kale rice bowl in a peanut sauce and made myself a pomegranate margarita and plunked myself down to blog a bit.  I am going to finish off my "me time" enjoying a homemade gluten free fortune cookie given to me by my friend Heather! Eventually I'll get to cleaning up the messes in the kitchen and living room, but first some well-deserved me time!  Ahhhh, this margarita tastes fantastic! =)
My "me time" set up
(I'm also ignoring the work I need to do on the other computer!)
the kitchen mess I'm ignoring
the living room mess I'm ignoring


  1. Awesome job! You certainly deserved it :)

  2. Ah- hah! good for you, and woo-boo to the babies!


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