Saturday, July 5, 2014

A relaxing Saturday

We are all in recovery mode after our busy busy day yesterday! We were up a little too late so Michelle & I were super sleepy this morning even though the babies did pretty well last night (i.e. Isaiah & Avery were each only up once).  Michelle offhandedly said she was going to nap when the babies did but I think she was still shocked when I actually crawled into bed after putting Avery down and she happily joined me for a nice little morning snooze. It was lovely!

There was a flurry of activity that was NOT relaxing after everyone was up from the morning nap & had already nursed. We were partway through changing diapers when I went to dump out the potty. Unfortunately it wasn't until after I'd dumped a big load of poop in that I remebered that that toilet was clogged. It didn't look too bad so I tried to flush, which turned out to be a bad idea as the bowl rapidly filled with poopy water and proceeded to overflow. Michelle came hustling in with a naked Avery & some towels so I could clean up the mess and while we were at it we mopped the entryway where Humphrey peed last night. He never does that, but we had him in our bedroom most of the afternoon/early evening because it was just too much to manage him & the babies at the party. And as we were filling the little pool for the party Humhrey was having a blast attacking the water from the hose & probably drank a lot more than usual! Check out this video of his attack the water game! 

Anyway, back to our relaxing Saturday! We all had an easy lunch of leftovers from yesterday's party and then went outside to hang out in the grass. (Such a great sensory experience for the babies!) and Michelle's second great idea of the day was to bring out iced coffee and leftover cupcakes for us while the babies played!

mmmm good

playing outside
working hard, but having fun
I grabbed some bolted cilantro from the garden or the babies to play with/eat and they had fun with that. Ellie was determined to figure how the new sippy cup worked. They also really enjoyed watching Humphrey as usual. And Avery does more than watch him as you can see!


lookin' good Avery!
sooo close
fun with mama
my silly little goose grabbing for the phone!
"What?! I am being gentle!!"
(And Humphrey's being sooooo good!)
And then Avery takes it to the next level!

Avery is funny because she doesn't like the way the grass feels on her belly when she tries to army crawl so she is really trying to crawl on all fours in the grass.

The babies seem to be settling into the two nap schedule a little better now so it's easier to make it to the naps without getting crabby and have finally started extending their classic 45 minute naps on a more regular basis. This just generally makes the day flow better and feel a little easier.

"relax?! what does that mean again?  and do you think
it'd be alright if I just pull to stand on this armrest?!"
"I'm such a big boy!!"
"Is this the right smile for the cheesy 'little baby in a big chair'
picture you're going for Mommy?!"
After the afternoon nap we went for a short walk along a river just a few miles from our house.  It was nice and relaxing until the last 100 yards or so when Avery screamed her head off because she was fighting a catnap!  What's not to love about days like this!

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