Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cuteness times three

Just catching up on some cute pics from the past month or so!

standing gets tiring sometimes
mmmm...this mirror is yummy
so is this block!
Happy boy

this tupperware is fun

Big girl!  So excited to cruise back forth
bedtime book early summer
this is how it usually looks now!

too cute...some potty reading material
snuggle me
hey, wait...I want that bottle!

This next set of pics is all from a birthday party...we got a lot of cute ones that day!
Mama & Ellie having fun!
Smiley baby in her party dress
fun with sunglasses
yup, I'm cool like that
Me & my little man
borrowing a friend's studly hat
Love these three cuties!
got a couple of pics before Avery decided to try to stand up
ready for Hollywood!

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