Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Catching up on summer visitors...

We've had quite a few visitors this summer and while I've mentioned them,  I realized as I was perusing my photo stream that I haven't really posted many pics. So here are some pics from those visits!

Our first summer visitor was Michelle's sister Tracy...
Auntie Tracy with the trio
Then the day after Tracy left our good friends from Seattle came for a super quick visit...
Margo & Scooter & all the babies
We went for a nice little hike from our house
Then on the 19th my mom flew in to be here while I recovered from surgery
Grandma Rae entertaining the troops with a hula dance =)
Reading a bedtime story
(Avery looks so sleepy doesn't she?!)
Isaiah & Grandma Rae were color coordinated this day
Diane, my parents' dear friend came to visit for a week while my mom was here.  She & my mom did a lot of weeding while she was here.

And Grandma Stephen couldn't wait until the end of July to see these little babies so she joined the party.  For a few days we actually had a 5:3 adult to child ratio!
The girls with Grandma Stephen at the arboretum
My mom left on the 4th of July and we had about a week with no visitors.  Then Michelle's sister Jess came for a visit while she is between jobs.  We braved the uber popular ArtsFest weekend with Jess and checked out one of our favorite local bands, Pure Cane Sugar. (We listened to the concert from behind the stage both to avoid the crowds and so it wouldn't be as loud!)
ArtsFest with Auntie Jess
Auntie Jess & Ellie...big smiles
Jess left on Friday and on Sunday Michelle's brother Matt arrived for his first visit to State College.  He joined me at a park play date with the babies and some friends as soon as he got into town.
Uncle Matt supervising the watermelon destruction
pulling double duty
Uncle Matt spent a lot of time in the hammock on the screen porch!
And now we're on our own for two days before we head out of town for two weeks!  Whew!  This summer has been fun and has been flying by!  I can't believe it's almost August!

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