Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fun with family & friends in Chi-town

Today was a fun (and exhausting) day in Chicago! The Stephens hosted a BBQ so that all the people who wanted to see us could just come to us. We had a lot of local friends as well as some visitors who came all the way from Wisconsin to see us. My Auntie Shelly and my cousins Nicole and Krista drove down from Northern Wisconsin and our friends from Seattle, Liz & Heather, who moved to Milwaukee came down as well. After they all left Michelle's grandma and uncle came over for dinner so it was a very full day!  Here are a zillion pics

our busy girl
smiley girls
Grandma Stephen got lots of toys out for the babies!
Ellie & Auntie Tracy
lots of playing "pass the baby"
baby time in the cool pool Grandma got for the visit
Avery loved the sprinkler action!
The trio with Nicole, Krista, & Shelly
Avery & Nicole bonding
Isaiah bonding with Auntie Shelly
Ellie chillin' with Krista
big kid time in the pool!
a washed out pic of Michelle, Laura, & Justin
Isaiah bonding with Liz 
all this socializing makes a girl thirsty!
mmmm...little people are delicious
that camera is cool! can I see it?!
Auntie Nicole entertaining Isaiah
contemplative Elle belle
Avery's squishy nose smile
can't get this adorable sisters kissing pic to turn
Mama & Avery
why, yes, I would like to stand up!
The northernWI crew before they headed out 
the southern WI crew before they headed back north =)
Isaiah bonding with Uncle Matt
Avery chillin' with Grandpa & Addie
(Addie LOVED to lick the babies' faces ALL DAY)

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