Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Triple(t) Threat's First 4th!

Of course the babies had to be decked out for their first 4th of July. So they started the day in these cute outfits from my Auntie Mary & Uncle Phil.

But oddly, it was a little chilly in the morning so sweatshirts were added for our first event of the day. We went to our friends' house for a quintessential Central PA experience, a tiny local parade of tractors, riding lawnmowers, and a handful of little floats that lasted all of 15 minutes. But we enjoyed socializing with friends and meeting some new folks, many of whom said "Oh, you're the adorable triplets we've heard so much about!" :)
a big friend
Having a mid morning snack before the parade
Isaiah actually liked the parade...Ellie was scared...and Avery didn't seem to care
Rockin' the backwards baseball hat =)
This toy was popular today!
enjoying a bit of clover
Trying a taste of lemonade
After the parade we came home for lunch and the babies' 1pm nap which gave us time to prep for having people over for a BBQ at 3. Thankfully they all took 2hr plus afternoon naps so we were all set when people arrived. It was a fun party with a diverse mix of friends. Overall it all went fairly smooth. Things were a little nutty around dinner & bathtime (which we did in the pool) because I was also trying to handle the grill then and we had to disappear from the party for 20min or so to nurse babies and put them to bed. 

our patriotic cupcakes
picnic dinner
more of the party-goers
And more party pics

Isaiah and his future "bros"
A smaller group stuck around to join us watching fireworks from the bottom of our driveway. Apparently State College has one of the biggest fireworks shows in the country and after watching it last night I believe it! I also enjoyed the running commentary from the four kiddos who stayed up late for the show.
our distant, but lovely fireworks display
Two of our commentators & their mamas
more late night partiers

All in all a great, if tiring, Fourth of July!
Family pic on the Fourth

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