Monday, November 11, 2013

Auntie Kate meets the Triple Threat

My sister Kate came from Minneapolis for a quick visit this weekend to meet the babies!  She was he less than 48 hours, but it was still a great visit!  A big thanks to Kate's husband Claude for doing single dad duty this weekend so Kate could come!  Kate brought a suticase full of baby stuff with her too, including a bunch of larger sized cloth diapers her friend generously offered us, some cute long sleeve onesies, and these amazing sea creature toys that she made herself!  I'm amazed by her craftiness and if she didn't have a very busy toddler at home, I'd say she should sell them on Etsy!  They even have crinkle paper in them! Now we just need to keep them safe from Humphrey!

Sisters (looking more alike than usual I think!)

getting some one on one with Isaiah
Having conquered a number of breastfeeding challenges with her daughter Abigail, Kate was able to provide Michelle with some great breastfeeding support.  Not that she didn't help me too, but Michelle has been having more trouble with pain issues and finding comfortable nursing positions.  (There are some advantages to having smaller breasts like I do, in that there's less to "manage!")  And a super plus is that Kate is still breastfeeding Abigail so she was willing and able to jump right in and help feed babies!  Adding a third "breastaurant" for the weekend gave Michelle some much needed relief from double feedings and sped up the whole feeding process a lot!  The kiddos, having experience switching back and forth between their moms, had no issues with adding a third set of breasts into the rotation.  Michelle and I both agreed that we need more lactating visitors!!  Sure it's nice to have two moms breastfeeding, but seriously, being able to play "man to man defense" (or in this case, woman to baby!) was really helpful, especially when all three babies wake up and wanted to eat at the same time!  Any other lactating mommies want to come visit?!? =)
All three babies eating at the same time!  

Three generations of Therrien women (+ Isaiah!)

Auntie Kate with all three babies!!!
Ellie sporting one of the new onesies from Kate


  1. The triple nursing pic is the BEST EVER! (I was thinking that maybe I'd try my breast at it when we come visit--yes, Seraphina still nurses--but I think Seraphina would definitely have something to say about that...and it wouldn't be nice! )

  2. There is a page on facebook called The Badass Breastfeeder... that triple nursing pic belongs there! Love it!


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