Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy 1 month birthday babies!

Our babies are officially one month old. We are a bit behind on taking and uploading the babies' one month picture, but I have a feeling this is the first of many times that we will get behind on pictures, so we all might as well get used to it now!  We decided to use a rugby ball for perspective as a tribute to the sport that we love.  It is actually through rugby that Michelle and I met some 14 or 15 years ago so it seems fitting. And the froggy in the pictures was a shower gift from Auntie Tracy and thought it would be a good measuring stick too as they grow since it is about the same size or a little bigger than them now. (I'm frustrated with the picture formatting/tools available in blogger right now because I can't get them all centered and most are coming in as links not pictures so I can't caption them quite right either.  Grrrrr.  If any of our readers are blogger pros I'd love some tips on the picture stuff because this drives me crazy all the time!)






The best group shot of MANY (note the pacifiers needed to calm Isaiah & Ellie!)

We celebrated the triplets' one month birthday with our first non-doctor related adventure. We've gone on a couple of walks from the house, but this was our first time loading everyone in the car and going to a community event.  Our family of five and my parents all went out to Millheim, a very small town about 30 minutes from State College, to go to their indoor farmers market.  The farmers market is held at our friends' event space which is turning into a great little community gathering place.  It was nice to see Erin & Josh who own the space and catch up with them a bit.  Erin is 36 weeks pregnant and we haven't seen her in, well, over a month so she certainly looked bigger and much more ready to pop.  They're estimating her baby is already eight pounds so by the time he is born he or she will probably dwarf our babies (unless we have a major growth spurt)!  We enjoyed some yummy samples of oatmeal, drank some mulled apple cider, and got grass fed beef and caramelized onion sandwiches for lunch.  We also picked up some local ground beef, which we used to make some amazing burgers for dinner!  People we knew were excited to see the babies and people we didn't know were naturally curious.  I think we threw one of the Amish women for a loop though!  She came up to chat us up about the triplets and my mom told her that Michelle carried them.  So she looked at me wearing Isaiah and said "so you're Auntie?"  I said "no, I'm the other mommy" and kind of left it at that.  She just let it go for a minute, but then later asked if we all lived in the same house. :) Our family definitely doesn't fit into her little world...
outside the farmers market

After the market we went to visit our friends Maria & Craig and their little 15 month old, Cristina,  and used their house as our first "out and about" baby feeding staging ground!  Cristina was cute with the babies and like to rock them in their car seats.  It was a good preview of Cristina as a big sister, which she will be in early January. (We have a LOT of friends having babies now, which is awesome!)
 meeting the babies
 rocking the baby in the car seat

Although many of the leaves are down, especially after some crazy wind we had earlier this week, their are still some beautiful fall colors that we got to enjoy while out on our little adventure.  Overall, I would call our adventure a success. We did, however, learn a few things during our adventure.  First of all, it always takes more time to get out of the house than you think it is going to.  Of course, right after being changed, Isaiah had a big ol' poop and needed to be changed again.  And just as we were getting ready to get her in her car seat, Ellie spit up all over her outfit and needed to be changed!  Secondly, it is going to be very difficult for us to do these little outings in crappy weather!  Unless we want to keep them in their car seats, or we are somewhere with a garage that we can use, it will be tough.  Right now we are wearing babies when we can, but getting babies out of their car seats and into carriers in inclement weather won't work!  Once they are big enough for our twin stroller (it has limited recline so it will be a while before they're ready for it) then it might get a little more do-able, but we'll see!.
 beautiful fall colors in front of Maria & Craig's house

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  1. Wow. I feel like they are already growing up! A whole month, and you guys are doing so well!!!


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