Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Some highlights from Grandma Rae & Grandpa Mark's visit

I'm not ready to say goodbye, but my mom and dad have to head home today.  Their help over the past three weeks has been incredible and it makes me nervous that they are leaving!  Anyone that knows my dad will not be surprised to hear that he has been an energizer bunny style worker.  He has attacked our overgrown yard with a vengeance.  I soooo wish we had taken before and after photos, but we did get a few pictures of the great work he did in the yard.  It is going to make it so much more manageable for me to maintain next spring and summer.  In addition to all the work outside Dad also deep cleaned our house including cleaning baseboards, using a magic eraser on the walls, washing windows and screens, etc!
the view from our carport just before dusk after clearing out

clearing out the brush-filled dog run for Humphrey

this was completely overgrown and hidden
the pretty rock garden uncovered
He also power washed all our strollers and outdoor toys, braving the chilly weather shirtless
Mom has been the queen of the laundry and has been in charge of keeping us fed!  I can't even count how many loads of laundry she has done and the number of diapers she has folded!  Whenever e couldn't find Mom, it was a good bet that she was in the basement switching laundry!  They've also made sure we were well fed and not yet dipping into our freezer stash of food.  Mom has also helped manage the milk stash making sure that the milk is getting frozen every day.
We're going to run out of space in the freezer soon at this rate!

Mom's system for line drying diaper covers

one load of diapers and cloth wipes
2-3 days worth of sleepers

And of course, in addition to all these "chores" they have also helped with a million diaper changes and lots of baby soothing and loving!

Humphrey making sure Grandma & Grandpa are doing a good job!
Mom enjoying Ellie

Mom's attempt to keep two babies quiet & finish her lunch while we slept
Dad trying to multi-task =)  *note his finger holding Ellie's pacifier in!

We are really going to miss having two sets of extra hands around to help with diapering, burping, and soothing babies!  But they're leaving us and our house in much better shape than they found them and we certainly appreciate that!  We're all looking forward to their next visit in May.  Hard to believe that they will be rolling and starting to sit up by then!


  1. Good description for your dad, he is definitely the Energizer Bunny personified. And he loves yard work so this was right up his alley. You will miss them and they will miss you all.
    Aloha, Kate

  2. Beautiful portraits of family help and love!!

  3. Love how happy everyone looks:) Wish we could just drive over and help out!

  4. They are wonderful people! You are very lucky! I know the feeling; we call my mom the whirlwind. She comes in and gets more done than ten normal people possibly could (and so does my dad) and then they are off again. I remember the early baby days, How scary it was to see them leave again. But you can do it! You're doing great! Love and hugs and prayers from the Florida Kundes!


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