Friday, November 29, 2013

Sleep deprivation side effects

Yesterday as we were eating lunch (at 3pm!) Michelle and I were recounting some funny night time stories and crying because we were laughing so hard. I decided that chronic sleep deprivation must be like a mildly hallucinogenic drug! I thought you guys might enjoy hearing about our nighttime nonsense too.

We'll start with my ridiculousness. I am definitely the better sleeper between the two of us and I estimate I get an extra half hour to hour of sleep each night because I fall asleep faster and probably sleep through some light crying. But because I'm a good sleeper on also a wreck when being woken from a deep sleep. I have a very long history of sleep walking and talking. (just ask my parents, whose big vase I once tried to pee in!) Anyway, I guess a few weeks ago Michelle wanted me to get up and check on a baby who was stirring.  She tried just asking, no luck, then tried lightly shaking, still no luck. I wasn't responding to her, but she could see that I was doing something with my pillow. Instinctually she guessed that I was dreaming and thinking the pillow was a baby (this may or may not have happened before!), so she came over to my side of the bed and asked me what I was doing. I said, "I'm trying to get her off!" (as in unlatched-apparently dreaming that I was nursing a baby).  She then told me that all the babies were in their cribs and then patted the pillow hard and I jumped about a foot thinking she was about to knock a baby off the bed.  On other occasions Michelle has had to really raise her voice to snap me out of one of my deep sleep cycles. Last week she said "Mari, you're not listening to me" in her best stern teacher voice. :)  To top it off I don't remember any of this so Michelle has to fill me in the next morning,

Michelle has always had more trouble sleeping than me, but now that she has the hormonal "super mommy" hearing, it's even worse!  She wakes up at the slightest whimper even when we don't have the monitor on. And sometimes she wakes up to nothing but thinks it's something!  Like the other night when she sat up and turned on a light to get ready for nursing and woke me up saying "it's time." So I roused myself from sleep and then we both sat there for a few minutes and didn't hear even the slightest peep from the babies. During those few minutes Michelle woke up more and realized she'd been dreaming because she thought we'd already fed one and were on to the next baby.  We checked our phones and it really wasn't time and everyone appeared to be fast asleep, except us of course!

Now that I'm writing these anecdotes, I don't even feel like they're that funny, so maybe sleep deprivation also shares some properties with laughing gas!?! 

"Oh moms, you're so silly!"

"Whew, glad I didn't actually get knocked off the bed!"

"Mommy, did you really pee in a vase when you were little?"


  1. Little nuggets! Look at those personalities emerging!. Yay!

  2. Oh, my goodness, this is a funny blog post. I would be laughing out loud recounting these as well. As, yes, as Mari's mom, I can assure you we had some interesting night adventures. And I hear Mark, Mari's dad, chuckling in the other room reading this post. Clever captions with the photos of the babies!


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