Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Due Date Babies!

Today is 11-12-13 and was the original due date we were given for the triplets. It's a long story, but eventually their due date was officially changed to 11-13-13, but we're sticking with the original just for the cool factor. Obviously there wasn't a chance we'd make it to this due date, but wouldn't it have been awesome!?  I hope all the babies being born today appreciate just how lucky they are!  Instead of being born today, our babies are almost 6 weeks old!  Now that they've passed their due date they can officially be compared to newborns.  So what a term baby does at 2 weeks old, our babies should be doing at 8 weeks.  Their "adjusted age" is calculated by taking their actual age minus 6 weeks, since they were born six weeks early.  They get this free pass until they are two, at which point, they should be caught up.  As a PT I can tell you that is usually the case in that they can usually do what most typical two year olds can, though sometimes there is a lingering quality difference (in my experience anyway).  This adjusted age will come into play next week when they get evaluated for early intervention services. Okay, babies are stirring so gotta wrap this up!

Here are a few pics to celebrate their "coulda been" due date!

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  1. I appreciate that you take time to keep us all up to date. It makes me feel less far away and I LOVE getting to share a little of your journey. Know that while I don't often comment I always open and ready your blog. Love you guys! -Dom


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