Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Caption series game

I've taken well over 1000 pictures over the past couple months (hard to believe right?!) and I need to make space on my phone by deleting photos. So I've been working on that today while nursing and ran across some fun photo "series" that I thought I'd share with you for some Xmas fun.  It seems to me like these photo series are just waiting for the perfect captions and we'd love to hear your suggestions for series titles and captions for each!  

We could even make a game out of it and many of you know how much we like games in this family!  So leave your captions in the comments (on the blog or Facebook) and we'll pick a couple of favorites! Don't feel like you have to caption them all. Just tell us which one you're captioning using the numbers and if you want to caption each photo you can label them a, b, c, etc. Feel free to show the pics to your family & friends and make a Christmas Day game out of it or use it as a conversation starter to help you through an awkward moment with your Aunt Gertrude who's had a little too much egg nog. (we might get some funny captions outta that!). :)

Number 1: Isaiah & Avery

Number 2: Ellie & Isaiah

Number 3: Isaiah 

Number 4: Avery

Number 5: Ellie

Merry Christmas and happy captioning!!

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