Sunday, December 15, 2013

Turn that frown upside down

One of the super fun new milestones for the babies is smiling. It is fun to try to get them to smile and so rewarding when it actually happens! It is a bit of a trick to catch it on camera though!  Avery is our most consistent social smiler. Isaiah can bust out some big ones but he tends to give them more randomly than Avery. Ellie has been our serious baby, but over the past week we've seen her working on her smiles. She's been giving lots of happy faces, but today was her first legit smile! Michelle and Hope got to see Ellie's first true smile this afternoon.  At first they thought it was a fluke, maybe gas, but then she hit them with another killer smile so they knew it was for real!  We have yet to capture Ellie's full smile on film (funny how that still rolls off the tongue! "Caught on SD" just doesn't have the same ring to it!) but here are some shots of our smiley babies!
Photobooth style 1
photobooth 2
photobooth 3

the best one!  too bad the lighting was so bad & it's so blurry!!

happy face 1

goofy happy face

smiling eyes

Avery happy face

and a little smile

Saving the best for last!  LOVE this shot!!!

Addendum 12/16/13:  I caught Ellie's smile on camera this morning!!

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  1. Love their beautiful smiles!! Thanks for sharing.


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