Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Two month old triplets

Here are the two month photos, a couple days late.  I'm glad we decided to put the frog in the pics because that's where I notice the biggest difference.  Today's photo shoot was pretty painless and fast compared to the last one!  Isaiah was a little edgy, but he managed.  Let's see, what are our babies doing now that they weren't a month ago?!  Well Avery is smiling pretty regularly which is super cute.  Isaiah gives away some smiles too, but not quite as many.  He continues to make the biggest variety of faces though.  Ellie's hair is getting longer but is still adorablly spiky, especially in the back.  All of them are getting better head control when we hold them in sitting.  Again, Avery is leading the pack in head control sitting but Isaiah is lifting his head the highest during tummy time.  It seems like we're seeing the beginnings of intentional batting at toys if they are hung nice and low.  The favorite toy is a rattle-y elephant in the activity gym. 

All of them are eating better.  I'm pretty sure, if she could, Ellie would stay there most of the day. =)  We introduced bottles this week and Ellie is doing the best with the bottle.  Isaiah isn't a big fan at all!  They are also crying more and are starting to make a few new noises.  I wouldn't say they are robust coo-ers yet, but they're working on it. Oh and we're seeing a trend away from pooping after every feeding.  With that comes bigger and messier poops!   We're also getting a lot more direct eye contact; Ellie can really stare ya down when she wants to!   

Okay, that's all I can think of right now so here are the pics....
bigger than the froggy now
the rugby ball actually makes Isaiah's big noggin look small!
caught Avery mid smile--she's giving away
quite a few smiles these days
Our littlest peanut is growing too
Ellie has gotten noticeably heavier than Avery
Ellie's face has also rounded out
It continues to be tough to get a group shot.  I like the way
they have their arms linked

group perspective shot.  I liked Avery & Ellie's facial expressions
in this one, but Isaiah looks like a goof in this one (sorry bud)
A one month group shot for comparison.  The biggest difference
to me is how big the frog looks.  And Ellie compared to Avery...
Ellie's really shot up in comparison

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  1. I love how your descriptions of their skills sound just like an evaluation ;) wow, they are really growing!! I cannot wait to hold those peanuts! I think my plan to hold all three of them at once is going to be very hard with how big they are getting! And if Avery shoots me one of those smiles, I'm probably gonna give her anything she wants....just fyi :)

  2. You are both doing such an amazing job with your little brood! Retrospect is wonderful. It is always great to look back and wonder how you did it all. The babies are so beautiful. Wish we lived nearby so I could help out! Keep up the phenominal job!!


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