Monday, December 30, 2013

Triplets are popular!!

When I was trying to figure out a title for this post I kept thinking about the Wicked song "Popular" so when you read this title, if you know the song, you should sing the last bit in your head. =)  In all seriousness though, these kiddos met a LOT of people in addition to meeting Michelle's immediate family.  Here's a photo blog post with pictures from lots of these visitors, AKA babyholders.  They got to meet a bunch of our friends from college...
Michelle's friend Laura "helping" Sam hold Avery
(LOVE Sam's cheeseball smile!!)
Auntie Elise & Michelle bonding on the couch with babies
We went to see Meredith & her brand new peanut (future Chicago playmate)
My college buddy Erika & I with the crew
 and a lot of Grandma Denise's friends & neighbors....
Mrs A. holding Ellie
The Kinneys with Isaiah & Avery
Avery & Mrs. Nelson
They also got to meet Michelle's extended family on Christmas Eve & Christmas night....
Cousin Sarah & Santa butt Isaiah
Great Grandma Stephen snuggling Ellie
Great Uncle Jim & Ellie matching in green
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