Friday, December 6, 2013

Triplet stats game

Michelle and I have been using an iPhone  app called Baby Connect to track the bodily functions of our tres amigos.  We are pretty good about tracking time spent nursing, ounces taken by bottle or supplement, and wet/poopy diapers. We do miss quite a few diapers and can often be heard saying "did you change Avery? Do you remember what it was?" We recently started tracking sleep with the app too, but we haven't been that consistent, and often forget.  The app lets is look at the data using graphs by the day, week, or month.  I thought it might be fun to do a little game with the data from the app so here are a few questions for you.

1) Who nursed for over 100 hours in the month of November?
A. Isaiah
B. Avery
C. Ellie
D. A&B
E. B&C

2) Approximately how many total diaper changes does the Triplet Threat need in a week?
A 75-100
B 100-125
C 150-175
D 200-225

3) Which two babies have slept for four hours at a time at least once?
A the girls
B Isaiah & Ellie
C Isaiah & Avery
D don't be ridiculous!? No one has slept that long

4) Which baby has the lowest percentage of poopy diapers?
A Isaiah 
B Avery 
C Ellis 
D no difference, they're all within one percent of the others

It was interesting for me to take the time to really look at the similarities and differences in each of the kiddos when writing these questions!  But instinctively we know because I asked Michelle all the questions and she got them all right.  We will leave the answers for you in a comment tomorrow. :)

"Uh, Avery, do you know any of the answers?! Ellie must be the poopiest right?!"


  1. A, C, D, C. I am guessing you have to be an AC/DC fan :-)

  2. Our guesses: E, D, B, A.
    Wow! over 200 is SO MANY DIAPERS. I hope we're wrong on that one...

  3. Okay, here are the correct answers: D, C, A, B. :)


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