Friday, June 28, 2013

20 week 2 day ultrasound!

Well, this is Michelle, posting in the blog for the first time while Mari does other productive things that I'm too tired to help with!

Today was the big ultrasound day...the anatomy scan.  We'd had a little taste of how long it would take at our 16 week u/s, but this one was longer, about 2 hrs. They checked all the organs and checked and measured all the bones on all three of our little peanuts.  They continue to have similar overall size (estimates are 14 oz, 13 oz, and 14 oz) but very different measurements for each individual part!  Those weight estimates are in order, from baby A to baby C, so as you can see baby C gone from being the tiniest to the biggest (she beats her brother by 3 grams)!

After our long ultrasound, we had a quick meeting with the Dr. and then met with the nurse who's doing an abbreviated personal childbirth class with us.  Today we basically just chit chatted about pregnancy symptoms and such and then she took us on a tour to labor & delivery and to the cafeteria, which she claims actually has good food!  Labor & delivery was about what I would expect, but the rooms are spacious enough and seem nice...some have jacuzzi tubs, although if I go in for just a scheduled c-section, I probably won't get to enjoy that!

After our 24 wk appointment, we'll get a "tour" of the NICU so that we really have the full lay of the land.

And now...the pictures :)

The ultrasound lady proclaimed herself to be "trigger happy"
with the print button...that's a LOT of pictures!

The foot shot is pretty cute...not sure what else is in this pic!


  1. Look at all those cute little tykes! So glad all is proceeding well and so-o- happy I will get to see you and Mari soon!

  2. So glad to hear that all 3 of those little ones are doing well! Thinking of you all!


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