Wednesday, June 26, 2013

20 weeks!!!

Well, if these babies would actually make it til their super cool due date of 11-12-13 then we'd be halfway there!  As it is, we're more than halfway, but we're hoping not toooooo much more!  As you can see in these pics, the belly is getting bigger and bigger every day it seems.  Hopefully that means those babies are getting HUGE!  This is a big blog week because I've already posted two little ones and now you get belly pics and in two days we all get to see another round of ultrasound pictures!  We can't wait to see our little ones again this week!  So far this pregnancy is going very well and Michelle is, for the most part, rocking being a big pregnant lady. We're both a little surprised that no strangers have asked her when she's due yet, because we feel like she looks at least 7 months pregnant.  Without further delay, here's the 20 week belly pic with the 18 week for comparison.  And just for fun, the four week photo!  (Michelle really likes to look at this one and reminisce about "the good old days" when she was "skinny and cute" even though at the time she never thought she was skinny!)

18 weeks
20 weeks

4 weeks

painting baby room
While Michelle is busy eating and growing babies, I've been busy with lots of house projects both inside and outside.  These few pics barely skim the surface of my projects so we'll have to take more pics soon.  I got over my nerves and finally figured out the massive landscaper style lawn mower and mowed the whole lawn in less than an hour.  Once I got over being scared it was actually pretty fun (though it is old and the seat isn't too comfy!)  As far as indoor projects I've painted the baby room and stripped an awful floral border and one floral wall in our bedroom and am prepping it to paint, hopefully this weekend.  I've also been working on actually putting things on those lovely shelves in the living room and third bedroom and getting more artwork up on the walls and off the window seat!
new flower pot for the patio
I've also been doing a lot of gardening.  The woman who owns this house is in her late 70s or maybe 80s and has Parkinsons (I think) and she and her late husband really put a lot of time and energy into creating some nice landscaping around the house and yard.  Unfortunately, the last tenants really didn't do any gardening at all so it was horribly overgrown and a bit of a mess.  One Friday evening while I was working on cleaning up the basement Michelle came down and told me that Mary (the owner) was on the phone and wondering if I was planning to do any gardening this weekend because she would come help.  Once I said yes she then told us she would need a ride so the next day we went to pick her up from her retirement community and Mary and I spent a good couple hours weeding the garden closest to the dining room.  We didn't talk a lot, but I'll tell you what, that Mary is a damn good weeder! 
notice my terrified look!  soooo many trees to go around!
Mary and I spent another couple hours gardening together last Sunday when it was in the upper 80s.  I had a plan to weed a small section near the deck and basement door, but Mary had other ideas!  She wanted to work on the big area near the vegetable garden and driveway!  Man, that woman is a slave driver!  There was probably a 40 x 5 foot section of shoulder high plants she wanted out that I'd planned to just leave well enough alone!  So dig and dig and dig I did until I was covered in dirt and sweat!  Luckily we had dinner plans that night so Michelle came down and cut us off. =)  I still have about 15 feet to go...maybe I'll tackle that this weekend too.

A just-for-fun bonus pic of Michelle sporting her fun new dress! 
A lovely surprise gift from our friend Meredith!
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  1. Whoa! Those babies are growing - that is very good! You both look great, and I am very anxious to see you soon.

  2. Michelle, you look great! I did not forget about sending you maternity clothes. Hopefully I'll get them in the mail this weekend.

  3. Michelle is still cute, but now she is also LARGE and IN CHARGE! :-)

    And very cute dress!

    xoxo, Gina

  4. Michelle, you look fabulous! Mari, keep up the good work getting the house ready for the babies! You're looking good too!

  5. speaking of maternity clothes :) i finally mailed a box to you guys. it should arrive next wednesday. i believe the clothes will still fit. i wore them to the end of my pregnancy. the baby clothes are random. i'm sure i'll send more once we sort what jolie has outgrown. michelle, you're looking great. and mari, good job being the NPW (non-pregnant wife). i know it takes a lot of work too :)

  6. Oh I love all of this SO much!! You two have been so so busy! I bet Mary likes to have such nice tenants to take care of the house and it cracks me up that she is putting you to so much work! A dose of your own medicine, mari ;) I cannot wait to see more pictures of the babes!! Love you all :) xoxo


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