Sunday, June 30, 2013

More pics for Jessica & Marty...

Two of our kiddos' most adoring (*read demanding) fans have requested additional ultrasound pictures from Friday.  Now, like Michelle said and as you could see in the picture in the post on Friday, we did get A LOT of pictures, BUT the vast majority were duplicates because she decided to print duplicates of the three profile shots for us to share with our parents that all say "our grandchild."  So, there really aren't that many more pics that we didn't post.  But because we love all our blog readers and appreciate your comments, feedback, and requests we will go ahead and share the others. =)  Here you go Aunties Jess and Marty (and all you other adoring fans)...

Pretty much the only way to get all 3 in one shot now...Baby A's butt & the girls' heads...lovely huh? =)
Okay, I admit, I thought this shot was pretty funny!  It also takes some serious visuospatial skills to figure out how she even got this shot!  Can you do it? Baby A is transverse with his head to Michelle's left side, Baby B is head down, and Baby C is breech. 

Baby A looks ready for a fist bump

Baby C lifting her chin for a clear profile shot
looks like Baby B lifting her chin up to get a good whiff of the placenta

Baby B's foot/toes
3D image of Baby B (the ultrasound tech tried to get 3D/4D pics of each baby, but only Baby B's semi-resembled a baby.  The other two look like aliens because other body parts or the cord was obscuring their faces so you'll just have to wait for 3D pics of A & C.  If you squint your eyes when you look at this Baby B looks like she might be pretty darn cute. =)

I don't know why some of the pictures look like they are in sepia and others look black and white.  It must be something I'm doing with the camera when I take pictures of the pictures.  Oh well, you get the idea!  Okay, just finished an online training for work so it's time for bed! Have I mentioned how much I love love love our new bedroom!  Oh, we put artwork on the walls today!  Here are a couple pics!

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  1. So much better....Auntie Jess sends love and approval :)


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