Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our new home...with plenty of space for our growing family

our awesome fireplace!
Here are a bunch of pics of our new house!  It's definitely still a "work in progress" but it's coming along!  The house is on a lovely wooded lot as you can see and we really only see trees from any window.  The house has plenty of space and storage and lots of great spaces for entertaining like the deck, the screened in porch, and the great room with a gas fireplace.  We bought a couple of new chairs to make sure we had plenty of seating in the living room for all of you future "baby holders" who are reading this blog. Hope you enjoy the pics!

great deck with bench seating
view of the carport & screen porch

screen porch

good view of the lot & doors to basement
shot of living room

Michelle enjoying a new chair

got some artwork up!

another view of the living room

guest bedroom/office

Baby room
our bedroom
our room..view toward bath
more basement
open, mostly finished basement
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  1. GREAT house! I'm glad you guys found this place! It looks awesome!

  2. Very nice looking house. I wish you both lots of luck. :)


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