Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Reality" TV

Then we watch TV.  Well, not really TV, we haven't had cable in years, but we watch shows on Netflix or Hulu. When we moved here last fall and knew no one and as we hibernated this winter we watched an embarrassing amount of TV.  We don't normally watch TV, especially in the summer, but this summer is a little different. We've watched all the episodes of Parenthood, watched most of the available seasons of Amazing Race, and we're all caught up on Bones. 

The past couple weeks we watched the last season of Private Practice.  In the last season of Private Practice, Charlotte, the brass chief of the hospital who never wanted kids, finds out she's pregnant with triplets! =)  If you want a good laugh you should look up season 6, episode 8 to see Charlotte and Cooper's experience of the triplet pregnancy.  We were laughing pretty hard watching this until Charlotte's water broke at 26 weeks.  Then it got a little scary... 

Sure, it's just TV, but I think it brought to the surface our latent anxiety and we both got a little teary.  Okay, okay, I got a little more than teary.=)  We've known all along this pregnancy is a high risk pregnancy, but this was an "in-your-face" reminder and I lost it.  (and, let's be honest, this is NOT the first time I've lost it during a TV show so it's not really that unusual)  So far everything has gone pretty darn smoothly and we are very thankful for that.  Most days we don't think about the risks and things that could go wrong, which I think is good and healthy. But we do think about it sometimes; it's hard not to.  Some days when I'm talking to the babies I start to say "I can't wait to meet you" but then immediately catch myself and say that "I can wait exactly X number of weeks to meet you!" because I don't want them to get any big ideas about coming early!  I'm constantly torn between wanting time to pass slowly because we have soooo much to do before these babies come and wanting it to go quickly because each day they get bigger and stronger and the risks go down.  I don't think I'll really feel calmer until maybe 32, maybe 34 weeks, because anything before that is still too risky for my liking.  So just keeping cooking babies!  Your mama Michelle is a rockstar and she's doing a lot of hard work to help you grow big and strong and healthy.  And your mommy here is doing a lot of work to try to get ready for your arrival...and I have a long list of things still to do, so take your time in there.


  1. Love you all. I'm sending happy cooking thoughts :-)

  2. Take it easy, Michelle. Take a nap every day and remember to put your feet up. Let 'em marinate!

    Love you both!

    -- Gina


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