Saturday, June 29, 2013

Today's big nesting project!

Today we took on quite a major nesting project!  We painted the bedroom today AND put together our new bedframe that's been sitting in the living room for weeks!  We'll have to take pictures during the day and once we get artwork up on the walls, but you can get an idea of the transformation.  No more border, no more random kiddo drawings on the walls, and no more bed on the floor! =)  Our room is starting to look less like a college student's room and more like a grown-up room. It's going to make it so much easier for Michelle to get in and out of bed.  The only potential problem is that now when she needs change pillow configurations in the middle of the night she won't be able to reach the pillows as we may need to figure out a system for that!  The room looks a little smaller with the bedframe, but I think there will still be room for a pack-n-play and rocking bassinet we have if we want the babies in our room initially so that's good.  We're pretty exhausted and ready for bed! And i can't wait to enjoy our new bedroom tonight!

before #1
before #2
after #1
after #2
after #3
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