Wednesday, July 10, 2013

22 weeks here we come!

Wow!  22 weeks!  Crazy!  If these babies are "typical" triplets they could be here in ten weeks!  We sure hope they stay in there for longer than that and make it to 34 or even 36 weeks, but even on the long side it's only 14 weeks to go!  The babies are the size of papayas this week and hitting the 22 week mark means that if they were born today the doctors would try to save them.  Obviously we sure as heck don't want them to come any time soon, but it's still nice to know.  This past weekend we had our first baby shower in Chicago.  The drive there and back was pretty hellacious, but the time with family and friends was great!  (More on the baby shower in another post.)  As you can see in the pictures below the belly just keeps getting bigger!  We both think it's funny how her belly is pretty flat at the front.  It makes sense with the way the babies are hanging out in there, but it's still funny.  Some days the bottom really seems to stick out more and some days the belly looks a bit lopsided depending on how babies B and C are positioned. 

Michelle is really feeling the belly this week.  She seems more uncomfortable more often.  Yesterday the right left side of her abs hurt if she tried to sit up from leaning back on the couch or laying down.  Last night she hardly slept at all because her restless legs were bothering her even after taking the medicine for them and she couldn't get comfortable in any position.  She's also getting more intense round ligament pain when she rolls over in bed which makes sense I guess because those ligaments have the hefty job of keeping that big giant uterus in place.  Speaking of, can we just take a minute to reflect on what an incredible organ the uterus is?!  I mean, seriously, it has to stretch so much that it is mind boggling!  Michelle feels the best in the water so we really need the weather to start cooperating so she can get to the pool every day!  It's been raining so much you would think we were still in Seattle, although, from the Facebook posts I think it's been sunnier there! Hopefully we'll get to go to the pool later this week because it's supposed to be sunny!


  1. Hmm, looks like the pictures aren't working.

  2. I'm convinced I can see quite the difference between these weeks...and even the weekend? Car trips must help the babies grow.

  3. Looking good, ladies. Keep up the good work:)


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